(2014 -2016), The Ballad of Solstice, Chapter 1

The road North took me farther and farther away, where there were fewer and fewer people. Finding calm and quiet moments in dark places seems to be a repeating theme in my work. This time I was the one searching for these same moments not only in my photographs but also within my own life after spending three-years documenting the Afghan conflict. 

Upon returning home I felt withdrawn, alone and looking for a way to reset. I started driving and continued until I arrived north of Canada’s 60th parallel, where I found the poetry of Robert Service (1874 - 1958). From the poem ‘The Spell of the Yukon’: It’s the forests where silence has lease; It’s the beauty that thrills me with wonder, It’s the stillness that fills me with peace.

I continue exploring north of Canada’s 60th parallel, searching for moments in a place that feels like it stands still yet is changing rapidly. With this work I find my own sense of well being, while giving a glimpse into one of the most remote and uninhabited regions in the world.

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